• Gain experience and exposure at a range of schools
  • Nominate the days, schools and subjects that suit you
  • Choose between supply, contract or both depending on your circumstances at the time
  • Access schools who partner only with EPC (the ones you won’t find through regional offices or dropping off your CV)
  • Increased income for a nominal investment you stand to increase your annual income


To unlock the door to supply and/or contract opportunities available through our growing network of partnering schools, spanning public and private, primary and secondary schools, simply complete the online registration form and upload your CV.

Nominate preferred schools, grades, subjects and work days on registration. As preferences and availability change overtime simply update your details via email, SMS or our simple website form.

Receive job requests directly via phone / SMS plus access longer-term contract opportunities via regular broadcasts on our website and Facebook page.


Membership is a low $90 for 12 months (excluding GST).

Pay upfront and the money you earn thereafter is all yours to keep.

Registrations are open all year round, renewable on the anniversary of you signing up.


Thanks for a productive year. I have been very impressed with EPC’s standards, professionalism, flexibility and understanding towards their [my] clients’ needs.”

Lisa J.

“Since registering with EPC my employment opportunities have trebled.”

A. Lorcan

“A professional, well organised service which is friendly and very personal for me… an excellent service.”

L. Carmen

“I’m getting more work with EPC than before. Having a centralised system makes it easier for a new teacher like me to establish a reputation for reliability and efficiency.”



What sort of offers for work will I get?

You will only be contacted for relief work for schools, subjects and on the days of the week that you nominate. When more than one school requests you for the same day – EPC informs you of all the offers so you get to choose the position you would most like to fill.


What if I am unavailable?

You’re a free agent and under no obligation to accept our job offers. If you’ve accepted one of our jobs however and then circumstances change then we simply ask that you notify us ASAP either via email or phoning our 24/7 teacher hotline on 1300 658 260. It’s in everyone’s best interest that we are given ample time to find another suitable teacher to fill the role.


How do I get paid?

EPC is a placement agent for schools and not an employment agency. The schools and/or state-based education authority remain the employers. We will provide each school with your teaching registration number and total hours worked that week. Each school then takes responsibility for processing your wages via their own private payroll (for private / catholic schools) or the State’s Education payroll (for public schools). Any issues regarding payments should be addressed with the school and local Education Payroll Office. Of course, we will always be happy to assist with providing you with whatever information we can to support to assist in this.


Do you accept graduate teachers?

Absolutely. If you are a qualified teacher and have the right attitude then we’d love you to join our membership. EPC is a great way for you to expose yourself to a range of different schools.



Keen to find out more about how EPC can save your school time without foregoing control or compromising on the quality of teachers in your classroom? Or how EPC can get you access to more of the teaching work you want, when you want it? Complete this form and one of our team will get back to you soon with details on how we can help.