School Service Solution

A Full Service Solution, Tailored To Your School

EPC provides the flexible, personalised service of an agency without the commissions, high fees or employment restrictions.

When you work with us, you have a dedicated team that will work to find and coordinate suitable placements to fill your casual and/or contract teaching roles.

Whether you want help managing the daily administration of your existing pool of ‘A-grade’ temporary teachers, getting introduced to new quality and vetted teachers, or want to benefit from a combination of both these options we’re happy to assist. The employment of teachers and payroll always stays with you.

Find out how we can make a positive difference to your work day.

How It Works

Three simple steps to get you the help and resources that you need.


Get Set Up

Tell us about your school needs and any existing or preferred teachers and we’ll create your EPC school profile so that whenever you need classroom vacancies filled our team can help you right away


Tell Us What You Need, When

Get in touch 24/7 via email / SMS / our customer hotline and simply leave details about the classroom vacancies you need filled, including any preferred teachers. Urgent fills, advanced bookings, multiple or staggered requests…whatever suits you!


Receive Confirmation

Rest easy and rely on our team to work on your requests, notifying you via email once a booking is confirmed or sending a short-list of potentials first if preferred. Daily and weekly payroll reports also emailed to all relevant staff.

Tiered Service Options To Suit Your Needs And Size

Choose from one of three cost-effective service solutions.

For individual schools costs range from $199 to $2,995 per term depending on school size and your preferred package option. No hidden costs, clauses or commissions. For networks of schools, enterprise solutions are available.

Our services save schools time and money, while relieving the headache of filling casual and contract teacher vacancies.

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Schools’ Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how EPC can save your school hours and hours, giving you time to focus on the important things.


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