Simplicity, service and quality are the core beliefs that EPC has been built upon. As a team, we have worked with the education and youth sector for over two decades, and have national experience and success in connecting people, supporting educators and young people, servicing clients and managing businesses. EPC was born in 1999 from a recognised need to support schools, teachers and children, and we have never stopped in our desire to learn, evolve and help achieve positive outcomes.

Our business is established on traditional values of high quality, rapid turnaround and value for money, coupled with a loyal and long-standing customer base and a sound reputation for being best in client service and reliability. At EPC our goal is to continue connecting schools with quality teachers so that schools are freed up to focus on what they’re best at, teachers get more time teaching their skillset and ultimately, young people can receive a quality education every class.


At EPC we are committed not only to helping achieve positive outcomes in Australia but also abroad. In 2017 we joined the Buy1Give1 family, and through the support of our customers we are able to continue making a positive difference not only in the schools and classrooms of Australia, but also in the lives of children and their families abroad.