Ultimate Support In Connecting You With Schools

With EPC, you get matched with great work opportunities by a team of placement specialists who have your best interests in mind.

Grow your network of schools, including some who partner only with EPC

Control your own availability and avoid pesky job requests when you don’t want them

Enjoy 100% of your pay direct from the school without any third party commissions or lags

Nominate the days, schools and subjects that interest you

Access both casual and contract roles

Access all types of schools – primary, secondary, public, independent, faith-based, specialists and more

Gain valuable experience teaching at EPC’s wide range of schools

No ‘finders fees’ imposed on schools wanting to offer you more permanent work (as some of our schools love to do!)

How It Works

Three simple steps to unlocking more teaching opportunities:



It’s easy to register online. Simply create your account then upload a copy of your CV.


Create Your Profile

Nominate where you would like to work, when you’re available and your preferred subjects/age groups.


Get Job Opportunities

Receive job requests directly via phone and SMS, or receive updates about long term contracts.

Find Work For A Low Fixed Fee

Membership is a low $90 for 12 months (excluding GST).
Pay upfront and the money you earn thereafter is all yours to keep.
Registrations are open all year round and are renewable on a yearly basis.




/ Year + 10% GST

What Our Members Say

Frequently Asked Questions

You will only be contacted for teaching roles for schools, subjects and on the days of the week that you nominate. When more than one school requests you for the same day, we will inform you of all the offers so you can choose the position you would most like to fill.

You’re a free agent and you are under no obligation to accept our job offers. Once you’ve committed to a role however, it’s in everyone’s best interest that you do not cancel unless absolutely necessary. Schools value reliability, as do we.

With that being said, if you’ve accepted one of our jobs and circumstances change before you get a chance to even start, we simply ask that you notify us ASAP either via email or by phoning our 24/7 teacher hotline on 1300 658 260.

If you’ve already started the placement with the school then any changes or cancellations should be advised to both us and directly with (your employer) the school.

As a general rule, the more notice you can provide the better, to give ample time to find another suitable teacher to fill the placement.

EPC is a placement (‘matchmaking’) agency, not an employment agency. As a member of EPC, the schools and/or state-based education authority will remain your employers. Every day we place you at a school we will provide each school with your teaching registration number and total hours worked.
Each school then takes responsibility for processing your wages via their own private payroll (for private/Catholic schools) or the State’s Education payroll (for public schools).
Any issues regarding payments should be addressed firstly with the school and local Education Payroll Office. We are happy to assist by providing you with whatever information you need.

Absolutely. If you are a qualified teacher and have the right attitude then we’d love you to join our membership. EPC is a great way for you to expose your skills to a range of different schools.

We don’t offer a pro-rata membership I’m afraid, however, please remember that you only need one day through EPC to make the 12-month, $99 cost a great investment!

This membership is not refundable after services have been received. Because this membership is billed annually, you can cancel any time and not be charged the following year. However, cancellations requested after you have been provided with paid work opportunites that match your registration specifications will not result in any partial refunds.

To be eligible to teach in Queensland you will need to be registered with the Queensland College of Teachers www.qct.edu.au. The assessment team will require your teaching documentation to make their assessment.

To teach in State Government run schools you will also need to become a registered employee of the Department of Education www.teach.qld.gov.au/apply-to-teach/submit-your-application . This registration is not necessary if you wish to teach in Private schools only.

The life of a supply teacher is unpredictable and unfortunately, we cannot guarantee work with schools as it really depends on too many variables;

  • Demand from the school (different at various times of the year)
  • Subjects the teacher is trained to teach
  • Subjects the teacher is willing to teach
  • The distance a teacher is willing to travel for work
  • Number of days per week the teacher is available / willing to work
  • The availability of the teacher to answer calls and respond to texts
  • The professionalism of the teacher to ensure they get invited back
  • The fit between school culture and the teacher

The schools that use our service provide teachers with regular work making the registration cost a worthwhile investment! Remember, you only need one day through EPC to make the 12-month, $99 (inc GST) cost back!

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Find more of the teaching work you want, when you want it with support from a team who genuinely care about your needs.